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The Universal Concept

The design and manufacturing processes of mass-produced stocks are most often chosen to meet the requirements of profitability. Our latest model of stock, the Universal Concept, has been designed and manufactured to be above all efficient by improving the performance of competition rifles, intended for disciplines shooting at 50 meters or 300 meters.


The Universal Concept allows you to choose between two rifle assembly methods.

The conventional method

The case is conventionally fixed to the stock by screws, the barrel remaining floating. The Universal Concept offers the possibility of fixing most of the cylinder head housings most frequently used in competition in this way, either directly or by means of an adapter insert.


Fixing by the barrel

In this case it is the breech housing which is floating and it is the barrel which is directly attached to the stock.
For this, we use two types of fixing devices derived from the one used on our old models. They are intended to meet the expectations of all, whatever the level of the shooter and according to the feeling desired by it. Tested and validated by great champions, they naturally provide maximum precision in all cases. 

Our first barrel fixing system, using O-rings, has many advantages:

- reduction of vibrations perceived in the stock.
- reduction of the vibrations of the barrel.
- reaction to the start of the blow much smoother with less impact on the target impact.
- Elimination of problems associated with expansion when firing at high temperatures.
- possibility of mounting shares of different brands on the same stick.

The second system, lower by 7 mm, uses clamping cones. Its characteristics are appreciably different:

- increase in the rigidity of the barrel.
- reduction of the vibrations of the barrel.
- limitation of dilation problems.
- reaction close to that of a conventionally assembled rifle.
- possibility of mounting shares of different brands on the same stick.

These different assembly processes give our stock its universal character, leaving the shooter free to choose its case and barrel. In addition, it is thus possible for them to use the same stock to shoot the 22 LR at 50 meters or the large caliber at 300 meters.


Additional items on this stock can be coloured to your preferences, like trigger guard, adjustment knobs, butt plate ratchet and cheek piece mounting. If you'd like to customise your stock with these colouring options, please contact us by email and we'll do the rest

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