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Bleiker Challenger II Light/Lady





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Success is characterized by the approved BLEIKER action technology:
– The action system is positioned close to the shooter, which is ideal for shooting in position.
– The action system is built of high-alloyed, hardened and specially coated steel and comprises a bayonet locking device.
– Simple and safe cartridge insertion due to a lowerable loading cutout.
– Very fast ignition time, ignition at the bottom, minimal firing resonance.
– Dry-firing with a permanent fi ring pin absorber.
– Super Match Trigger, high-precision, shortest mechanical movements and therefore minimal resonance. Quick and simple adjustment.
– The cartridge insertion area in the cartridge chamber is hardened and can therefore not be damaged (patented).
– Unique bolt centering element (patented) at the cartridge insertion area.
– Unique calibration of the cartridge’s rim when closing the bolt (patented). This generates constant shot groups.
– Cartridge ejector, can be switched on/off.
– User-friendly bolt release, bolt can be removed with one hand.
– Barrel connector with integrated fi ne thread and high-precision chamber, therefore complete absorption of resonance.
– Bolt can be cocked and uncocked at the receiver without the help of any tools.
– Long rear sight rail, which allows an ideal adjustment of the rear sight for both tall and small shooters.
– Integrated adjustment device allows a quick and safe replacement of sighting line extensions.

Challenger II LADY/LIGHT
– Lady Rifle, special short and narrow for Ladies and Juniors
– Butt stock 175 mm / fore-end stock 415 mm
– Basic weight 5.5 kg / stock width 46 mm

Technical specifications
– Barrel/Action Challenger II cal. .22LR
– Lightweight precision barrel Ø22 mm, stress-free steel
– Match trigger 40-160 g, ultimate rapid ball bearing, speed firing release
– Comfortable loading process
– Ergonomic Lady stock, short stock design, very close at the shooter
– BLEIKER bionic bedding, oszillation controlled
– Multifunctional cheek piece «perfect»
– Grip 3D-circular adjustable (size S / M / L)
– Speed screws for cheek piece and butt plate
– Colour: black, white, red, blue, green, anthracite
– Diopter: Centra Spy / front sight tunnel
– BLEIKER hand stop
– Weight: 5.3 kg

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