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Gehmann 540 'Champion' Rearsight






Extremely robust and compact construction, made with top quality mechanical precision components, turned or milled from the best possible materials, no parts have been cast 

  • 18mm clearview panel enables the shooter to read
  • windflags while still on aim and without changing the head position
  • The fine threaded stainless steel spindles for vertical and lateral adjustment work with two strong laterally positioned spring packs, that are totally free from play and cant
  • The iris on the see-through rearsight (adjustment range 0.8 – 2.4mm) is detachable from the front with an enclosed special tool and positioned axially or installed reversed wherever wanted within the tunnel. The distance between the shooters eye and iris can therefore be regulated individually. Another significant improvement has been achieved with the clearview panel. It now features a threaded steel ring which provides better protection against the tension on the glass panel while adjusting the position of the iris.
  • The tunnels full length fine thread allows the eyeshield and environment filter to be attached
  • A thread on the front side of the rearsight iris enables the attachment of central filters and further additional accessories such as colour and polarization filters as well as anti-glare tubes
  • Bullet shift: 1.0mm per click at 50m
  • Made in Germany

Delivery: 5 to 7 days

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