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TEC HRO NJ Carbon Cheekpiece

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The "cheek piece NJ carbon" convinced by the versatile, fine adjustability as well as their baking Edition full carbon

By the small selected RADIUS (rounded) feel fast, whether the head is always exactly the same and thus avoids target error

The cheek piece full carbon, feels comfortable "soft" or"smooth" and warm on the skin and is a real eye-catcher, which optically enormously enhances your sports gun.!Through the long room for adjustment in length, have also Edition protect a major benefit of this product

Adjustment options:

  • Fine adjustment by means of Red wheel high/low 
  • In the longitudinal direction
  • Left/right swap
  • Oblique to the longitudinal direction 

Suitable for TEC-HRO, Anschtz, Walther, Grnig & Elmiger and Feinwerkbau (others on request).

Delivery: 5 to 7 days

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