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TEC HRO System 2.0

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Properties of sight raiser TEC-HRO system 2.0: 

Basic system 11 mm high
Side 4 or 8 mm to the right or left pageable
Longitudinal 2.5 cm to the front or rear outsourced
Through separate upper and lower plate, the boost can be used as adapter (E.g. FWB grain tunnel on Walther barrel...)
The combination of side longitudinal and height adjustment is possible
extremely stable
most significant, German quality and processing - thus also without any concern for large calibre can be used!
by Spacers made of stainless steel at the level of 2mm-steps up to 31 mm expandable (not included!)
An attractive new design rounds "off" the boost

Included with TEC-HRO system 2.0:
Sight raiser block, consisting of lower and upper plate, rear sight - and grain boost
1,5er and 2,5er Allen key, 4 steel pins (connectors for upper and lower plate)

Optionally available: Spacer kit consisting of 20 x 4 spacers to the boost in 2 mm-to steps 11 to 31 mm height variable fashion.

Delivery: 5 to 7 days

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